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Banned Celebrities - Do not fake.

Post by Camelot » Sat Aug 21, 2021 2:39 am

The following list will be updated regularly.
If a name does not appear don't assume you can request or fake them.
Do not request/fake any of these, doing so will result in bans, loss of rep or other sanctions.

Emma Radacanu November 13, 2002
Jayka Noelle November 16, 2002
Greta Thunberg January 03, 2003
Olivia Rodrigo February 20, 2003
Lizzy Greene May 01, 2003
Jojo Siwa May 19, 2003
Lady Louise Windsor November 08, 2003
Millie Bobby Brown February 19, 2003
Charli D'Amelio May 01, 2004
Mackenzie Ziegler June 04, 2004
Taylor Swift
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