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General Rules and Guidelines

Rules and Guidelines
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General Rules and Guidelines

Post by Camelot » Wed Mar 29, 2017 2:10 am

1. No underage posts. (18+)
It is your responsibility to verfify the age of all images posted. Failure to do so when requested may lead to a ban.

2. No bestiality, scat or violence will be tolerated.
If in doubt PM a member of the Team.

3. Use respectful language.
There is a word censor in place. Preview your posts before uploading.

4. No Trolling
No trolling of any type will be tolerated, that includes trolling for rep, contest votes and fakes to name a few.

5. Do not spam other members, PM or posts.
Do not post requests of your own in their threads. Don't spam members by PM.

6. One request thread per member in the Amateur Forum.
Reduces board clutter. Additional threads will be deleted.
Absolutely no personal information in any amateur gallery. Please rename facebook file names. First names are allowed.

7. No text bumping.
Post head shots. A thank you or reply to comment is acceptable.

8. Do not create new topics if one already exists.
Use the search facility.

9. Do not post duplicate images.
It wastes board space.

10. Do not post Webfound fakes. Original works only.
It wastes board space.

11. No requests or fakes of Taylor Swift.

Nothing! No pics of any type and no using her name. Ever ...

12. mchat rules
a. No requests on mchat
b. No links to other sites
c. Avoid all caps
d. Be respectful
Please abide by the board rules.
Please do not PM me for fakes.

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Re: General Rules and Guidelines

Post by Sendapic2005 » Fri Mar 31, 2017 9:55 am

Note: Our aim is to make this site a pleasant experience for all members.
If you find any of the above rules are being broken, do not hesitate to contact
a member of the Team and we will deal with it.
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