Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Forum Requirements

    1. By becoming a member of FakersRealm you verify you are 18+ years old and agree to follow the forum rules. Not following the rules will result in a ban, up to and including a lifetime ban. #
    2. All models (girls you post, professional & amateur) must be at the age of 18 or over. No pictures taken before their 18th birthday will be tolerated. #
    3. You must be able to verify the ages of all the subjects in your posts. (18+ only) If you can't DON'T POST #
    4. One (1) user account per IP address - Do not create duplicate accounts.
      Do NOT create duplicate accounts. We can see who does. You will lose reputation and the duplicate account will be blocked. #
    5. You must wait for your first Post to be approved by a Team Member before posting more. Failing to do so could result in all your Posts being disapproved. This may take some time depending on the availability of Team Members. Please be patient ... #
  2. Post Requirements

    1. Post NO personal information. #
    2. NO bumping! --- Post only pictures, thank yous, you're welcomes and friendly banter.
      Just a clarification to the rules on bumping. We consider posting general porn pics for use as body doubles to be a bump. #
    3. Do not post duplicate pictures or topics. #
    4. Post requests in the proper request forum. #
    5. FakersRealm reserves the right to merge topics if we feel any member is posting too many threads. #
    6. All content is subject to review by the staff and content that is inappropriate will be deleted. The Administrators and Moderators decisions are final. #
    7. Each member is allowed one (1) topic in the amateur request forum. Multiple topics will be merged or deleted at the forum staff's discretion. #
    8. Do not post web found fakes. Original content (fakes) only. #
  3. What's Acceptable

    1. No revenge porn. #
    2. No beast porn. (beastility) #
    3. No scat porn. #
    4. No violence towards women will be tolerated. (No insinuating death or injury) #
    5. Keep your language respectful towards women and members. #
  4. ShoutBox Rules

    1. Friendly banter ONLY. (Be Nice to each other) #
    2. NO links to other web sites. #
    3. Avoid caps lock ... there's no need to yell! #
    4. No requests, post your requests in the proper request forums. #
  5. Contest Rules

    1. Contests must be open to all members and must finish with a public vote. (Open Contest) #
    2. No contests will be permitted if a member is simply requesting fakes for their own purpose. (Closed Contest) #
    3. No person or persons (celebrity or amateur) can be selected by the contest host as the contest theme. #
    4. All normal board rules will apply. #
    5. In the event of doubt a contest must be cleared by a member of the Team. #
    6. Contests failing to meet the above criteria will be deleted. #
  6. Forum Basics

    1. Do not spam members with PM's. #
    2. Trolling of any type will not be tolerated. #